This week, I completed the implementation of Time Sink for floating point values. Following are the updates of the week:

Current Status

Complete TimeSink for floating point:

I have created a PR to master branch of repository from develop branch. Kindly review it and test it as much as possible. To track the issues and reviews effectively, please provide your suggestions on the issues page of the repository. Do add a reference to the PR in the description! :)

Features of the TimeSink

The features in the timesink remains same as gr-qtgui. But since we have a major structural difference in the implementation, there is a minute change to use it in Please check the examples available in PR.

We initialize 2 instances. One of them initializes C++ block (i.e. bokehgui_time_sink_f_proc_0) and another initializes the Python class (i.e. bokehgui_time_sink_f_0). All get/set functions, plot formatting functions are called through Python class to maintain consistency between both classes.

To install the module:

  • mkdir build
  • cd build
  • cmake ../
  • make
  • sudo make install
  • sudo ldconfig

To run the example:

  • python examples/

The output should be as follows:

Note: There is a color distortion. The color is incorrectly captured in Screenshot!

To view the tags, run the examples/ The tags will be displayed on the plot.

To-Do list for next week:

  1. Performance evaluation - We will put the plot on the Internet and analyse how fast can the plot be updated. The Internet will provide a worst case analysis for our purpose.
  2. Solve the bugs of TimeSink for float - So, report as much bugs as possible!
  3. Complete TimeSink - Add support for complex value. More or less, things will be same.
  4. Add GRC - Will try to add a GRC support by the end of next week