This week, I completed the implementation of Time Sink for complex values. Following are the updates of the week:

Current Status

Complete TimeSink for complex values

I have completed TimeSink for complex values. The features of this sink remains same as floating point time sink described here. Checkout the example examples/ to see the work in action. I will add GRC integration in the beginning of next week. It will be followed by yet another PR.

Feedback required

To make these bokeh based GUI a bug-less software, we would like to have feedbacks from the community. You can drop me an email on discuss-gnuradio or review the PR here or write an issue here.

To-Do list for next week:

  1. Solve the bugs of TimeSink for float:
    I don’t believe my code was perfect. Kindly reinforce my belief! Add as much bugs as possible. It will be easier when GRC is integrated. So, we can wait for a while!
  2. Complete TimeSink - Add GRC support:
    This will need a change in core GRC template. The updated template will be available on my repository and installation instruction will be provided in README file. Once, done, you can use the Bokeh feature from GRC. Once done, I will add GRC file for TimeSink in the beginning of next week.
  3. Start with Frequency sink: Hopefully I will complete frequency sink for float values.