This week I tried to develop a prototype for waterfall sink. Following are the updates of the week:

Current Status

Branch merging

Now, master branch contains stable version of code with all widgets and two sinks (time and frequency sinks). Next developments of remaining sinks will be done on develop branch.

Implemented Checkbox and Radio buttons

The Checkbox and radio button widgets were implemented. Using a drop down instead of the radio button is not available. Since, it was not on timeline, I will implement it once I find some time later.

Waterfall sink

I am trying to implement waterfall sink based on an example of Bokeh. Though it is a horizontal spectrogram, and GNU Radio users have good experience in vertical spectrogram, I am trying to developing similar spectrogram. This requires whole new type of plot that Bokeh doesn’t directly provides. Hence, I am learning basics of the coffeescript and how to implement the plot. I have developed major part of the Bokeh side implementation but minute issues are taking too much time. Hopefully, I will be done by this weekend. So, by the mid of next week, I will try to complete whole implementation of waterfall sink.

Feedback required

Since, the module has a substantial features, you can start using it. For any queries/feedback, drop me a mail and keep in CC.

To-Do list for next week:

  1. Complete Waterfall sink
  2. Start work on Historgram sink