Following are the updates of the week:

Current Status

Waterfall sink

I tried to change the orientation of waterfall sink. In the example cited in the last post, the time scale is on the horizontal axis where as the vertical axis is for frequency. Last weekend and this week, I unsuccessfully tried to change the axis i.e. changed the orientation of the plot. For now I will take the plot as it is, and move-on to the C++ and Python implementation temporarily. Once done, I will get back to this again and hopefully I can find the solution then with a fresh start.

I have implemented a C++ part for waterfall float sink. I have also added a test script but have some array initialisation issues. It will be solved as soon as possible!

Feedback required

Since, the module has a substantial features, you can start using it. For any queries/feedback, drop me a mail and keep in CC.


I will be moving to USA for graduate studies next Monday. So, this weekend as well as Monday would be pretty hectic. I will try to complete the backlog by the end of next week.

To-Do list for next week:

  1. Complete Waterfall sink
  2. Complete work on Historgram sink