Following are the updates of the week:

Current Status

Waterfall sink

The implementation of Waterfall sink for float values is implemented. GRC integration of the same as well as the waterfall sink for complex values will be implemented in upcoming weekend. Most implementation of waterfall sink follows same structure as the previous sinks. The only difference is that the waterfall sink re-implements the get_plot_data (the function which provides the data for plotting). The reason is the entirely different way of handling the PDU in waterfall sink.

In case of PDU handling, whole waterfall plot gets plotted everytime a new PDU is received. Hence, instead of processing and appending the stream everytime in sink specific process_plot function, we completely redefine the array in get_plot_data function.

In addition to this, the QA script for Waterfall sink and Python side implementation of Waterfall sink has been implemented. Although Python side implementation covers most basic features, it lacks some customization features like choosing the color palette. Once complete waterfall sinks are implemented, the customization can be taken care of.

To-Do list for next week:

  1. Complete Waterfall sink for complex values
  2. Complete work on Historgram sink
  3. Plan the documentation. It will include code cleaning, writing a tutorial, writing PyBombs receipe and many more.