Following are the updates of the week:

Core GRC changes:

I did some clean up and added a pull request to core GNU Radio repository. You can review the PR here. This contains all modifications required in core GRC code in GNU Radio.

Code cleanup

Cleaned up code in C++ as well as Python side implementations. Added in-code documentation wherever required. Updated Python code to follow PEP8 guidelines. Code cleanup includes removing redundant variables and redundant imports in Python and C++ and splitting long lines.


Added a thorough tutorial at /GSoC2017/tutorial/. It also contains a screencast demonstrating the tutorial on video.

The following screencast covers the tutorial.

To-Do list for next weekend

  1. GRC files cleanup: Define default values on some parameters. Also, add documentation and detailed <check> tags to avoid incorrect inputs from users.
  2. Add a README file. It will list swoftware requirements, setup guide, some screenshots, list of features that remain to be implemented, and other notes.
  3. I will try to change the Waterfall plot orientation so that the plot flows from top-to-bottom. Still struggling with it.