After discussion with mentor, we will be following a timeline as described below. We have changed the sequence of the features to be implemented based on the usage and necessity.

8th May - 14th May: Introduction

  1. Introducing to the community
  2. Finalized weekly update procedure
  3. Finalized repository structure

15th May - 21st May: Planning

  1. Refining the timeline and defining milestones of the project
  2. Finalize mechanism of starting the bokeh server and application
  3. Finalize the structure and dataflow of the module
  4. Understanding the Bokeh Library

Phase 1 : Time sink and Frequency sink

22nd May - 28th May: TimeSink: Coding week 1:

  1. Setup the structure
  2. Work on
  3. Work on and conclude

29th May - 4th June: TimeSink: Coding week 2:

  1. Tag display support
  2. Performace evaluation

5th June - 11th June: TimeSink: Coding week 3:

  1. Define generation of Change main function if using gr-bokehgui.
  2. Complete TimeSink
  3. Add GRC block

12th June - 18th June: TimeSink: Coding week 4:

  1. Start Frequency Sink

19th June - 25th June: Frequency Sink: Coding week 1:

  1. Complete Frequency Sink
  2. Add GRC block of Frequency Sink
  3. Add GRC example with multiple sinks (at different rates)

26th June - 30th June: Evaluation 1: Time sink and Frequency sink

Phase 2 : Input widgets and Layout

26th June - 2nd July: Evaluation week 1:

  1. Start working on Textbox and Labels

3rd July - 9th July: Widgets week 1:

  1. Complete work on Textbox and Labels

10th July - 16th July: Widgets week 2:

  1. Complete work on Slider and RangeSlider
  2. Setup Layout

17th July - 23rd July: Widgets week 3:

  1. Complete working on Layouts
  2. GRC examples with new inputs + multiple sinks in a different layouts
  3. Start working on Waterfall sink (develop a prototype)

24th July - 28th July: Evaluation 2: Input widgets and Layout with Waterfall sink prototype

Phase 3 : Waterfall sink, Histogram sink, Constellation sink, BER sink

24th July - 30th July:

  1. Complete Waterfall sink

31st July - 6th August:

  1. Work on histogram sink Continue on Waterfall sink

7th August - 13th August:

  1. Complete histogram sink Complete on Waterfall sink
  2. Start working on Constellation display

14th August - 20th August:

  1. Complete constellation display
  2. Complete BER display

21st August - 29th August: Final Evaluation: Waterfall, Constellation sink:

  1. Conclude previous works
  2. Submit final evaluation